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testimonials from clients

Testimonial #1

I can’t write my life story and not include the Matters of the Heart coach. She held my hand, walked with me, and gave me a SAFE place to deal with my issues of trauma. She has been loving, a friend, an intercessor of prayer, an open heart, a comedian, a teacher, but most of all she has been the woman that has guided and taught me tools on how to process the trauma and not stay stuck when things trigger me. I now have a voice. I now know how to set boundaries and I am ok with having confrontations with people. I am forever grateful for MY coach.


I have gained so much insight on how to operate in the natural spiritually and I love it. My relationship with GOD is not only better, but my intuitiveness to the Holy Spirit and my fleshly self has been restored. I’m forever indebt and grateful for the new journey my life will travel amongst, and I owe this all to the knowledge I’ve gained.

Testimonial #3

Let me start by saying, this process is ongoing and continuous. It was enlightening and most of all very necessary. I found a profound love for God and myself. It was extremely breath taking and most of all it drew me closer to God. It was probably one of the most difficult experience I have been through because I was forced to deal with some deep rooted issues that has held me back from realizing my true destiny and live in my divine calling.

Youlisha was wonderful through the process and her power and gift made the process less daunting. She assisted when I became exhausted and continued to support me throughout. I thank you for your calling it changed my life.

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