I occasionally offer FREE group coaching inspiration calls and videos.

Many need more advanced, confidential one-on-one sessions to discuss their deepest heart issues and develop an action plan for healing and freedom!

There have been moments in my life that I thought I’d never overcome: Child Sexual Abuse,  Unplanned pregnancies outside of Wedlock, Relationship filled with infidelity, Divorce, Rejection, Low Self-Esteem, pregnancy and infant loss. In spite of what I was going through I knew I was called to do more, to be more.

Every time I endured a setback of any kind it took me off course. Sometimes it took days, weeks, months, and years to get back on track. If I only had a coach! I needed someone to help me realize that the plan to live life and life more abundantly was inside of me all along. That I was created with enough passion, purpose, and endurance to keep moving in spite of what was going on in my life.

I know it gets hard, you feel unfulfilled and want to give up, but you can’t! Your story will save someone’s life. Someone will look at you and say “Because of her, I didn’t give up!” The Holy Spirit is ready to guide you to all truths and help you create an Action Plan that will pick you up, restore you, and move you towards greatness! I look forward to helping you unlock that plan.

Coaching Rate: $100/hour

                *Will need a minimum of 4 (one hour sessions). Though many need more. You are not obligated to purchase a certain amount of sessions.

  1. Discovery Session – We will get to the root of the issue
  2. Develop an Action Plan – Steps you will take to begin the healing process
  3. Review Action Plan Results – We will go over your action plan work together
  4. Develop a plan to continue healing process and to move you forward.

Terms and Agreements:

All coaching fees are non-refundable! Payments must be received prior to the scheduling of the coaching session. If you are unable to make a scheduled coaching session, we will work to reschedule at the earliest mutually agreed upon time. All client personal information, discussions, notes, recordings, etc. will be kept confidential except for information that could lead to the physical harm of yourself or others.

If interested in more information about coaching email Youlisha Bundy at or if you are ready to began you can get started by submitting your payment for the Discovery Session using this link.