Peace during this COVID-19 Pandemic

Can you have peace during this COVID-19 Pandemic? Yes, you certainly can. Here are tips:

  • Watch what you see and hear!
    • Yes you have to listen to guidance but if it causes you anxiety you don’t have to keep track of cases, watch videos of those that have the disease, scroll social media and read the posts of others that have anxiety about what’s going on etc.
  • Meditate on scripture!
    • Meditating and worrying are opposites that involve the same activity ‘overthinking’. If you are thinking about and reciting scripture all day,  you don’t have time to think about worst case scenarios in your head.
  • Increase your self care!
    • There are a lot of changes in the nation today. Children are being homeschooled: parents are either out of work, working from home, or are essential and must go to work. Singles are spending more time alone than ever. Couples and families with unresolved issues are having to confront their problems.
    • You need to take care of your body, mind, and your spirit. Make time to rest, eat well, take supplements to build your immune system, laugh, play, and exercise.
    • Make time for worship! Worship sets our affections and focus on God. Praise God for what’s he’s already done: for his protection and healing. Worship him for who is: your protector, your provider, your savior, your Father, the one who loves you and has a plan for your life.

“Those who live in the shelter of the Most High will find rest in the shadow of the Almighty. This I declare about the Lord: He alone is my refuge, my place of safety; he is my God, and I trust him. For he will rescue you from every trap and protect you from deadly disease. He will cover you with his feathers. He will shelter you with his wings. His faithful promises are your armor and protection. Do not be afraid of the terrors of the night, nor the arrow that flies in the day. Do not dread the disease that stalks in darkness, nor the disaster that strikes at midday. Though a thousand fall at your side, though ten thousand are dying around you, these evils will not touch you.”

‭‭Psalms‬ ‭91:1-7‬ ‭NLT‬‬