Not feeling like yourself? Embrace the new!

I know how it feels to want to feel like yourself! Even if you haven’t endured anything tragic there are still moments in our lives that change us (ex. Getting married, having a child, loss, failure, abuse, divorce, end of a career/season etc). Expect to feel new, you can not go back to what was! Walk ahead in healing, freedom, and maturity! God has a plan. Embrace the new ❤️ #wisdomwednesday #mattersoftheheart #brokenandnotashamed

Balance your circle!

Some people draw from you! You were called to give of your treasure to help them! It may or may not be reciprocated from the same relationship. Many will tell you not to keep them in your “circle”. I say no, pray about it. You may be assigned to pour into them, to mentor them in this season. You will get drained however if you don’t also have others in your “circle” that pour into you, love on you, speak into your life! That may mean you need to grow your circle! Ask God for wisdom!