I CHOOSE to Give Thanks!

I am truly grateful in this season. Yes we’ve suffered great loss BUT I can choose to count my blessings and allow joy to fill my heart or I can choose not to! I choose joy!

My marriage is better than ever (and it was already great). God has confirmed that he put us together. We have loved each other in this season so unconditionally and it’s a beautiful thing. When we could have turned on each other in pain, we turned to God and held each other tighter! Instead of depending on the other to help heal the hurt we understood that was God’s job and we just needed to be present for one another in our process.

I have two beautiful daughters who are blessed. They both miss their brother but are moving forward, setting and achieving goals.

I had the most handsome baby boy who was born with so much personality! My husband and I learned a new meaning of partnership as we cared for our baby boy while I healed from delivery. We got to cuddle him, feed him, and change him. We got to pray with him, sing to him, and shower him with love and attention. We got to let William know how much he was loved and for that I’m so grateful!

I have to keep it real, there are still days with tears and moments of wishing things were another way. But there is also gratefulness of what was, what is, and hope for what will be! #infantloss #griefjourney #griefandloss #mattersoftheheart

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!