Happy Birthday to Me!

Yesterday was my Birthday. I received so much love and I’m grateful. I’m truly thankful for all life’s lessons and blessings. I could start to think, If I practiced then what I know now! But no regrets! Can’t change the past. In this season my goal is to do what I know to do. That simple!

Imagine if we took all life’s lessons and applied what we learned to our daily lives. What if we packaged that wisdom up in some form to be a blessing to others:

  • The lessons we learned from heartache
  • What we were taught by our parents and leaders
  • What we learned from our mistakes and the mistakes of others
  • The advice we have given others
  • You needed those lessons to live a successful life! That’s why you were allowed to go through what you’ve been through.
  • Someone else needs the lessons you’ve learned. They need to hear it and they need to see it in action. Just do it!