Be Present!

Last weekend we celebrated our 10th Anniversary with family. All week I pondered on what to write in this blogpost. I couldn’t really think of what to share.

I was overwhelmed by Gods Grace and His love. Literally dropping tears on and off all week thinking of how far God had brought us. I had so much on my heart,

I just knew I wanted to thank God and I wanted to celebrate. I didn’t worry about pictures, if the food etc was perfect, I was just present in the moment. I begin to think: How many moments have I missed by not being completely present?

How many blessings did you not recognize because you were concerned about details or other issues going on?

I felt so much joy seeing generations all together in one room, hearing the laughs as we played games, dancing and singing with my children, and looking into the eyes of the man I love as he declared his love for me and I to him.

I know you are praying for blessings. We all are. But take a moment today and be present. Look around and see what God has already blessed you with. The things money can’t buy!

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