You have the answer

You may already have answer to your prayer, issue, or circumstance.

  • Look in your journal
  • Think of all the advice and counsel you have given others
  • Think of the wise counsel others have given you
  • Review your old bible study, sermon or teaching notes
  • Read the book or blog post you wrote (that’s for me)
  • Look at your vision board
  • Go back to the prophetic word you received
  • Meditate on that scripture again and again

Sometimes we already have the answer, we just need to implement it.

Honor not Idolatry

We are called to give honor where it is due! However, in my life there have been times that honor has turned into idolatry. I’ll be sharing about the right ways to show honor and prayerfully shining the light on areas of unknown idolatry that may be present in your life. Join me on FB live or via teleconference as we start the series on this topic.

Don’t take it personal

I used to literally wear my feelings on my sleeve. I took everything people did or didn’t do to heart. I caused myself so much unnecessary frustration, stress and heartache. If you are like I was, do some digging and find out why. Then do something about it. Here are some practical tips I came across that were too good not to share!

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