Dealing with Grief in all forms

We are used to speaking of grief as it applies to those that have lost someone they love to death! My love and prayers go out to anyone suffering from that type of grief at this moment. Praying you find peace, comfort and strength to keep moving forward while keeping those precious memories of the good times close in your heart and mind.

Grief also shows up in forms we don’t usually it associate with:

  • Loss or drastic change of a close relationship you expected to last forever
  • A major chapter of your life ending (retirement, child-bearing, empty nest, driving, sports etc.)

If you have gone through any of these things lately and you can’t put your finger on what’s going on inside your heart and manifesting in your emotions, it may be grief!

Allow yourself to make it through the grief cycle however many times you must. If grief is love with no where to go, I pray God shows you someone who needs to receive all that extra love you now have to give!

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