Hay Fever – The response to the change in seasons

I haven’t been able to quite explain it until now. I’ve been suffering from “Spiritual Hay Fever!”

What is Hay Fever in the natural – An allergic response causing itchy, watery eyes, sneezing, and other similar symptoms as a result of the change in the seasons.

I’m experiencing symptoms indicating the change in season spiritually. You may be wondering “huh where is she going with this”…Stay with me!

See I’m in a new place where I am seeing God Move suddenly in the lives of His children. It’s truly the manifestation of:

  • The Last shall be First
  • Lender not the Borrower Wealth
  • Yoke is easy, Burden light
  • Gift making room
  • Windows of Heaven opened
  • Unmerited Favor
  • All things working together for the good
  • Quick discipline and fast repentance
  • Necessity to walk in Authority

Now you may think that I mean life is perfect without tests or trials, not at all! But, I do mean life at a new level of faith with blessed assurance of living in the Kingdom of God where natural rules don’t apply.

There have been tears during this season, honestly happy and sad. Happy tears are often flowing not just for me but as I see blessings flow in the lives of others (even strangers). I have to keep tissue with me. I just never know when the happy tears will fall.

There is a difference between tears of sadness now than before. Now tears of sadness are more of a release of pain instead of an expression of hopelessness. My tears are literally a prayer and when I’m done crying, the weight is released.

There’s the symptom of sneezing spiritually where there is a quick detox and expulsion of any remnants of the past or unclean to make more room for that which is new and Holy. I’m quickly recognizing any remaining bondage in my life and can quickly identify the root where it started and uproot for once and for all. Forever free!

There has been a greater need for rest as my body adjusts to its new rhythm and role in this season. Guilt free rest which is different from the unfruitful laziness of feeling in despair and not walking in purpose. I rest to prepare my body for doing what is needed to fulfill my purpose.

Now that I recognize what’s going on I’m not mad at the symptoms of this spiritual Hay Fever I’m experiencing. It’s all preparation for this new season. I’m excited, anyone with me?

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