I get to…

We must be more grateful. How often do we talk about what we “have to do?” What you “have to do” someone else is praying for the opportunity to do. Truth is, you prayed or hoped for it one day yourself, now that it’s here you treat it as an obligation instead of a privilege! Change your mind and your words:

I get to take care of my spouse and children today!

I get to go to work today!

I get to clean and organize my home today!

I get to lead this team!

I get to teach this lesson!

I get to sing this song!

I get to speak to this group!

I get to write this paper/book!

I get to lead this teleconference!

I get to represent my organization at this meeting!

I get to fellowship with like minded people today!

I get to study your word!

I get to take this class/training!

“Thank you Lord that I get to! It’s my privilege to walk out my portion today!”

3 thoughts on “I get to…

  1. Thank you Lish for you inspiring words. I usually don’t comment. But I am grateful today because I didn’t give up on God and I waiting and years later it happened. Thank you Lord for sending the right people with the right word at the right time.

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