It doesn’t end with confession

So, I want to give you something to think about today. It applies to our relationship with God and all the other relationships in our lives as well.

After thinking about this, I will have to admit there have been times I will confess a short coming, a wrong, an offense, a sin but that’s just merely stating a fact at a particular moment.

For example: I can say, “I’m sorry I raised my voice at you!”

However, to determine the intention of my heart you will have to look at my actions that follow. When we are in a disagreement again, do you notice me taking deep breaths to calm down, listening intently before responding, and/or choosing words of love to express myself. If so, that means that not only did I confess my fault when I told you I was sorry. That means I had a change of heart (repentance) and I’m making a conscious effort not to do that again.

Now does that mean I will never raise my voice again? No, but I should show that I’m working on it by my actions.

Confession is made by the mouth, repentance is made by the heart!

I would take some time and think about confessions you’ve made. Did you have a change of heart or did you just state the facts at the moment to make yourself or the other person feel better?

Examine your prayer time: are you confessing sins knowing you plan to commit the sin again because you intend to make no changes?

After you’ve looked at yourself, take some time and think about those in your life that consistently admit they have done you wrong but you have seen no change. It’s time to set up some boundaries.

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