I am a princess

Think about when you were a little girl playing princess. If you never role played in that way, you’ve seen someone else do it. Hear the sound of an innocent little girl’s voice as she puts on her crown or gown and boldly proclaims through the grin on her face, “I am a princess!”

I want to remind you today, you are a princess darling! You are daughter of the most high God and you are loved unconditionally. You are not an illegitimate daughter but in fact you were chosen to be apart of the royal family in the Kingdom of God!

Being a princess has its benefits. You have an army of angels assigned to protect and keep watch over you. You have such authority that whenever you say the name of Jesus, demons tremble and flee.

You are favored just because of whose you are! Doors are opened for you, red carpets are laid, you get invited to “dine” at tables others never thought you deserved but your title of princess and your gifts make room for you.

You are supported! When you walk in your assignment that has been delegated to you by your Father the King, the entire Kingdom stands in agreement and works in harmony alongside you.

You are well taken care of. Lack of resources is not something that is even on the mind of a princess. You know the riches of the kingdom are at your disposal!

What would happen if everyday we reminded ourselves that we are a princess? If you haven’t today, meditate on that fact and take advantage of all the benefits.

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