Don’t waste time!

Time is a blessing. You want to know just how much ask:

  • someone that has lost a dear loved one
  • mom who has lost a pregnancy, suffered stillbirth, or has had a premature baby 
  • a student that has just found out they won’t graduate when expected
  • a serviceman on deployment and their family waiting at home
  • A man or women who is getting divorced after 20 years of marriage

I really could go on and on but if I didn’t stop at your door, I hope I at least have you thinking. How much time do we spend wishing and hoping. For more or for something different. Truth is some things we can’t control. But how we spend our time is definitely one. I challenge you as I challenge myself to make the most of each day. The one regret we never want to have is that we “wasted” the precious gift called time.

Love now and love hard! Work hard and build with what’s in your hand. Make a difference in someone’s life. You may have to slow down but don’t stop fulfilling your purpose. Rest purposefully but never ‘waste’ time!

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