They just choose to keep moving forward!

This weekend I had the honor to minister along with a group of amazing women out of town. Excited about the opportunity to give and receive I didn’t realize I would face a huge challenge hours before time for the conference. 
Honestly, I had a good cry (which is necessary sometimes) and then I begin to continue to get dressed while having a conversation with my Father. There was no way I was going to not  fulfill my assignment for the day. So I traded my weakness for His strength and I kept moving forward. As I left the hotel, I told God there was no way I would sing about Him being Father, Miracle Worker, Way Maker (I could go on and on) and not believe He would take care of my situation. 

When I tell you the conference was amazing, please believe me. I poured out in worship and I received encouragement and  clearer vision for the future. 

Whoever you look up to may seem to always have it together, don’t think they are without trouble. They have just made a decision to not give up! They have decided to keep pressing, they have learned to activate their faith, speak to their mountains and to trust God in the midst of it all!

You can “choose” to do the same thing!

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