Knowing when to keep your mouth shut

I met the sweetest “mature” lady in the Costco. She was tired and apologized for leaning on my basket in the line. I told her she could lean all she wanted. I asked if you wanted to cut in line. She said, “No, I’m waiting for my husband. I don’t know what he’s getting 😉. Are you married?” I said, “yes ma’am.” She said, “I’ve been married 50 years and I ‘keep my mouth shut! Or it wouldn’t have worked.” She got me to thinking. 

In my relationship, I have learned when to keep my mouth shut but I also when to speak up! See, there was a time in a previous life when I kept my mouth shut and suffered in silence. I was afraid if I spoke up I would drive the man out the door. Truth is, he had one foot out since we said I do.

Ladies, I know you’ve been taught to keep your mouth shut but you need to speak up (even in marriage) or leave (if afraid) under these circumstances:

  • You are being disrespected, degraded, and belittled
  • You are uncomfortable with any acts in your sexual relationship 
  • You feel disrespected and your trust is challenged 
  • You are fearful of being abused because of anger or the other person ‘losing control’
  • You have already been abused physically, sexually, verbally, or emotionally 

Using wisdom and not speaking up in certain situations is one thing. Being fearful and suffering to keep the peace or maintain the relationship is another.

Something to think about!

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