Countdown to 40 – Day #10

Thanks for counting down with me. Today is the final day, tomorrow is my Birthday! We will continue our talk about people pleasing.

How does one get caught up with people pleasing? Here are some possibilities:

  • Insecurity – when we are insecure we view ourselves through the opinions of others. One opinion from someone either makes or breaks our day! We see ourselves through the glasses of others. Those glasses are tainted by their life circumstances and unresolved issues. 
  • Immature Leadership – A mature leader prepares their followers to be independent and able to go and lead others. An immature leader seeks to keep their followers dependent so they will always ‘need’ them. If you use the example of a parent, a good parent prepares their child to leave the nest. That follower or child will spend their lives trying to prove to their parents that they are ready, though it will all be in vain
  • Pride – when we are operating in pride we hold ourselves in high esteem. In order to feed that esteem we feed off the praises and approval of others.

If you are a people pleaser, you have to figure out where it began and what in your life continues to support it. It may take some work to get delivered but I promise you: the freedom is so worth it!!!

I pray this countdown of some of my life’s lessons has been a blessing to you. Tomorrow I turn 40! 

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