Countdown to 40 – Day #5

Today’s post “Forgive your Parents” is inspired by my daughter Kayla’s 18th Birthday! Love you baby. 

Many of us have at one point had some sort of mommy or daddy issue. They weren’t there, were abusive, had substance abuse issues, were too controlling, rejected you, neglected you, or were there but not truly present. 

We expect our parents to be nurturers, protectors, motivators and leaders. When they fail at those roles the pain and disappointment is everlasting unless we do the work it takes to forgive and let go!

Honestly, we put our parents on pedestals expecting them to be perfect or as close to it as possible. In reality our parents are human. They are flawed and recovering from the issues of life just as we are. It wasn’t until I became a parent. Acknowledged my mistakes in parenting and how I wish I could redo some things that I saw my parents in a new light. A light of grace and mercy that I pray my children will grant me. 

Forgive your parents! Even if you feel they messed up big time. Even if there are remnants of the past hurt still present in your life, do the work to forgive! Once you have forgiven them, honor them. The Word of God tells us to. They were the chosen pieces that God used to put together the masterpiece known as YOU. No matter the circumstance, God allowed them to come together and produce you! Since He allowed it, you should honor His decision.

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