Countdown to 40 – Day #4

I will not stoop to your level you will have to rise to meet mine!

The topic for Countdown to 40 – Day #4 actually comes from a family discussion last week and a statement from my youngest daughter Kennedy. “I will not stoop to your level, you will have to rise to meet mine!” What a proud parent moment,  she understands now what it took me years (decades) to learn. See my worth and self-image were damaged greatly at a young age because of the sexual abuse I endured for years. It took decades for me to work through the damage and truly heal and become whole.

In relationships (especially romantic ones) I would accept being treated any kind of way. I had to learn my worth and then set a new example of how I wanted people to treat me. When you settle for less than you deserve in your relationships that’s exactly the treatment you get. When you fail to treat yourself well, you can’t expect others to treat you better. We actually do people a disservice by lowering our standards for them. We give them nothing to strive for. Be a thermostat not a thermometer. Raise the standard (temperature) and watch others adjust and raise their standards as well! No need to be aggressive and make demands, just be assertive and speak up when necessary. Those that appreciate your company will adjust or they will ‘leave the room!’

Good news is, you can decide to make this change today. You are not obligated to be the same person you were even an hour ago. If you know you want to be treated with a certain level of honor and respect, treat others that way and carry yourself in a manner that will demonstrate you will accept nothing less.

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