Countdown to 40 – Day #3

Shine Bright Like A Diamond! Anything Else Is An Insult To Your CreatorCountdown to 40 – Day #3 lesson is I have to use my gifts and talents to bring God the Glory! It’s God’s Will that we use the gifts and talents He’s given us to be a blessing to His Kingdom.

For some decades, I didn’t always offer my gifts for His use. And when I did, I just used them a little or would only go so far. I was afraid they didn’t measure to someone else’s ability or that people would say I’m doing the most. (Yea I know, people pleasing will be it’s own topic to come.)

When it comes to drama, don’t do the most. In fact, please have several seats. As Mary J Blige would sing, “Don’t want no drama in my life” but when it comes to your gifts and talents “DO THE MOST!’ I mean “BRING IT!” I remember Theresa Proctor (Speaker/Coach) teaching on a call “To do less is an insult to your creator,” that has stuck with me.

This includes the talents you think are small and the spiritual gifting you know you are called to operate in. Use them all to the fullest. The earth is awaiting your expression. The world needs the color and spice that only you can bring. You need to get it out, and we need to receive it! Stop holding back, I know I am.

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