Countdown to 40 – Day #2

Countdown to 40 - day _2

My Countdown to 40 – Day #2 lesson is to “Take Care of Your Body!” Unfortunately, it took approaching 40 to make me finally realize that I need to make better decisions about what I put in my body and how much I exercise it. Honestly, I haven’t been good to my body and I need to make it a priority.

Maybe you have always eaten right and exercised, that’s awesome; continue! But, if you are like me and have put your body on the back burner, it’s time to change.  I know there are some people who eat right, exercise and have still endured health hardships. However, there is so much we can control through diet and exercise that to ignore our health is just plain dangerous.

I tend to people watch, some call it nosey, I call it ‘research!’ So, in my ‘research’ I’ve seen people who resemble how I want my body to perform at 50, 60, 70, 80, 90+; I’ve also seen what I don’t want to be my reality. I want to be able to walk long periods of time without being in pain. I want to go to amusement parks and ride rollercoasters with my grandchildren. I want to have no traces of diabetes or high blood pressure. I want to be healthy and so I will take care of my body.

At 40 I have a family, work a 9-5, work in ministry, and have a business. If I want to be able perform all my roles well, I have to make my health a priority by eating healthy and exercising!

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