Countdown to 40 – Day #1

 So I have a milestone birthday this month. I’m going to post each day leading up to my birthday (9/11) something I’ve learned.

I’ve learned that it is incredibly amazing to be Youlisha! Honestly, I spent most of my life wishing I was more like someone else. I wished my body was built more like someone else. I wanted the talents others had. I wanted the relationships others seemed to experience. 

The more I shared my authentic self to people I realized they either accepted and appreciated the uniqueness of me or they distanced themselves and limited their contact with me. I decided I’d rather have a small intimate circle and be myself because living any other way is exhausting (more on that another day.)

I have experienced such a freedom in sharing the real me with the world that I can never go back!! Living a life half way, holding back my greatness, not expressing my unusual sense of humor, or surpressing my true feelings to make others comfortable at my expense is no longer my reality!

Lord I thank you for creating me just the way I am!

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