An answered prayer he is to me!

Today is my wedding anniversary! It’s the day we remember and celebrate our New Beginning. We both knew what it was like to have a marriage fail. Through all our tests and growing pains, we can truly say “An answered prayer he is to me, my greatest blessing she’ll always be!”

There was a time in my misery I never thought I deserved to be loved like this. And now I can honestly say I don’t even think about what I’ve been through unless I’m reflecting and thanking God, testifying or I’m coaching someone through their relationship issues. 

I know what it’s like to:

  1. Lose yourself in a relationship because you never fully knew who you were in the 1st place.
  2. Feel validated by a relationship only to have it slip through your fingers and feel your self worth went with it 
  3. Fear being single and wondering if you will find someone to love you and your child in spite of your past so you go backwards to what’s familiar instead of moving forward to the unknown 

As I ponder I tell you what I wish I could have told myself sooner.

  1. Get to know yourself. A good man will be studying you and asking God what makes you click. You need to know as well. Best place to start is by asking your manufacturer, and taking time to learn how special you are and why you were created. What do you enjoy? What do you dislike? When asked what you would like to eat…at least be able to give a man some options lol 😂 
  2. Some relationships are seasonal and contain a lesson. Sometimes we miss all the red flags, walk in anyway, and blame the other person for it not working. Sometimes we don’t see warning signs until we are in a relationship but are afraid to let go because we feel like a failure. Don’t be afraid to let Go, when it’s time to let go! Someone else’s actions are not a reflection of you, what treatment you accept is!
  3. Being single and walking in purpose is a blessing! Forgive yourself for your past whatever it may include. Everyone has a past so walk in confidence with no regrets or condemnation. There is nothing you can do except make better choices for the future. Move on, your future self will thank you!

One day I prayed for the man I have now, for the family I have now! Lord I praise you!!!

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