Happy Fathers Day!

First let me say Happy Fathers Day to the Man I love! I pray my sisters all over the world get to experience life with the man God handpicked and prepared for them! You are hands-down the MVD as your girls declared this morning “Most Valuable Dad” and though I roll my eyes 🙄sometimes at how they have you wrapped around their fingers, I would have it no other way! 😉You talk to them about every and anything yet you put down the ‘hammer’ when need be lol They respect and honor you. It’s a blessing to witness. Love you baby. I pray God blesses you with your hearts desires!!!! 

Now to those mourning the lost of their Father or Husband. Celebrate and think of the good memories and lessons learned!

For those wishing their relationship with their father or their children’s father was better I want to offer some encouragement on today! 

A father isn’t only defined as the one that provided part of your DNA. It’s the men that come to our rescue when we call. The ones that come over and act as a handy or car repair man in the time of need. The ones that teach us about life and offer advice. The ones that offer a hug, pray for us and/or wipe our tears away. The ones that imitate the love God the Father shows us everyday. Celebrate them and be grateful you have them in your life!!!!

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