Never give up on your children!

I dedicate this post to my beautiful and blessed soon to be High School graduate, my Kayla!!!! 

Middle and High School has not been easy for us. I watched as all my friends post pics of report cards, GPAs, and college acceptances. As I viewed social media at times I was envious and discouraged; Wondering what I was doing wrong. When bad grades came in I punished, paid tutors, preached lol, prayed, cried, motivated (you name it). I knew my child was capable of better. So I did what I could, and depended on Gods Grace.

I share to encourage you to never give up on your children. Your seeds, prayers, discipline, and tears are not in vain!!! When you recognize mistakes you’ve made in parenting (I’ve had many) repent, ask the children for forgiveness and move on!!!!

I’m so excited to report that my child who used to barely pass English finished the year with a B+ average and didn’t have to take the final exam!!! We went from having no idea to what she wants to do, to deciding to attend community college with vision of becoming an entrepreneur. Don’t be defined by others yard sticks of success and miss the blessings that are right before you.

Kayla, mommy is so proud of you! You never gave up. It has finally clicked for you and your future is so bright!!!! To God be the Glory for the great things He has done and will do through you! Love you babe *happy tears*

9 thoughts on “Never give up on your children!

  1. This is so beautiful and yes your feelings mirror mine. Everything isnt always smoothe sailing. Keeping faith in God helps it all…

  2. I am feeling this Lish. My son just ended his 1st year of middle school and he’s failing terribly. He hasn’t been diagnosed officially but I strongly believe he has ADHD. He’s had trouble retaining information since elementary school and it’s always been a struggle. I’ve also struggled with the same feelings as a parent, the tears, the envy, discouraged. There are times when I have felt like giving up on him, feeling like there is no hope for him, what the hell am I doing wrong, how is it that my daughter gets it, straight A student, and I didnt have these issues either in school.

    I appreciate you sharing your story, there is a bright side and this gives me hope. I love my baby and want the best for him and I know it’ll all be okay through the grace of God. It’s encouraging alone just to know that I’m not the only one going through this.

    Congratulations to Kayla, job well done! Great job mom and dad, never give up!

    1. I never had issues in school, so this was a journey for me. I’ve learned that all children are different what works for one doesn’t work for all. Unfortunately traditional school isn’t set up this way. Keep trying different things, you will find something that will work. Thanks for commenting and sharing!!! Blessings

  3. This is beautiful. Yes never give up on them. Even though others may seem perfect there is always some area where they may be lacking. If we don’t remain truthful and have faith to our youth; who will. Congratulations and thanks for sharing.

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