Constipated with Purpose!

I bet the title got your attention! Are you constipated with purpose? Ask yourself these questions to find out:

  • Are you irritated because you see others living a life of purpose but know you are not?
  • Have you attended conferences, read books, had coaching sessions but are still not producing and feel in the same place doing the same things you were a year ago?
  • Do you have good counsel, a message you know will help people but you make every excuse in the book to keep from sharing it?
  • Is your relationship with God hindered and you are afraid to ask Him if he’s pleased with you because you know He’s given you vision, anointing, and resources but you haven’t done any work?

If you answered yes to these you are indeed “Constipated with Purpose” my friend!

How do we get relief from this form of constipation? Eliminate the waste!!!!

  • Wasted time
  • Wasted resources
  • Excuses
  • Fear
  • Procrastination 
  • Waiting on Man’s approval
  • Your past mistakes 

The purpose that is in you is not waste but is going to waste!

Push my sister and brother, push!

Each day be intentional about releasing what God created you to put into the earth!!!! Deal with what has been hindering you and experience the joy of walking in your purpose!

Happy Fathers Day!

First let me say Happy Fathers Day to the Man I love! I pray my sisters all over the world get to experience life with the man God handpicked and prepared for them! You are hands-down the MVD as your girls declared this morning “Most Valuable Dad” and though I roll my eyes 🙄sometimes at how they have you wrapped around their fingers, I would have it no other way! 😉You talk to them about every and anything yet you put down the ‘hammer’ when need be lol They respect and honor you. It’s a blessing to witness. Love you baby. I pray God blesses you with your hearts desires!!!! 

Now to those mourning the lost of their Father or Husband. Celebrate and think of the good memories and lessons learned!

For those wishing their relationship with their father or their children’s father was better I want to offer some encouragement on today! 

A father isn’t only defined as the one that provided part of your DNA. It’s the men that come to our rescue when we call. The ones that come over and act as a handy or car repair man in the time of need. The ones that teach us about life and offer advice. The ones that offer a hug, pray for us and/or wipe our tears away. The ones that imitate the love God the Father shows us everyday. Celebrate them and be grateful you have them in your life!!!!

Never give up on your children!

I dedicate this post to my beautiful and blessed soon to be High School graduate, my Kayla!!!! 

Middle and High School has not been easy for us. I watched as all my friends post pics of report cards, GPAs, and college acceptances. As I viewed social media at times I was envious and discouraged; Wondering what I was doing wrong. When bad grades came in I punished, paid tutors, preached lol, prayed, cried, motivated (you name it). I knew my child was capable of better. So I did what I could, and depended on Gods Grace.

I share to encourage you to never give up on your children. Your seeds, prayers, discipline, and tears are not in vain!!! When you recognize mistakes you’ve made in parenting (I’ve had many) repent, ask the children for forgiveness and move on!!!!

I’m so excited to report that my child who used to barely pass English finished the year with a B+ average and didn’t have to take the final exam!!! We went from having no idea to what she wants to do, to deciding to attend community college with vision of becoming an entrepreneur. Don’t be defined by others yard sticks of success and miss the blessings that are right before you.

Kayla, mommy is so proud of you! You never gave up. It has finally clicked for you and your future is so bright!!!! To God be the Glory for the great things He has done and will do through you! Love you babe *happy tears*