Freedom – Recognizing when you are free indeed!

Many times we say we are free from something:

  • A soul tie (Not always sexual)
  • Bad habit
  • Bad spirit
  • Offense or hurt

When you are tested:

  • That person comes around again or someone mentions how well they are doing  –  you aren’t jealous or thinking that things could be another way. You leave with the same joy you had before and are basically unbothered 
  • the opportunity to partake in the bad habit with no one watching comes up – you realize you have no more desire, in fact you are repulsed by the thought, and further more you start praying for others still struggling 
  • you experience the same scenario that would cause you to act out and you don’t react in a way you have to repent for later 
  • you see the one that’s offended you and you no longer feel “some kind of way” that feeling in your stomach or throat is now gone 

My friend celebrate, shout, and praise; You Are Free!

Some things take time because the roots are deep, keep working at it. And remember maintaining your Freedom is a lifestyle!  Don’t get entangled in the same bondage again. 

I promise you, nothing beats the feeling of being totally and completely FREE!

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