Decisions and Choices 

After last nights call, I was up still thinking about this topic of choices. You can make a decision all you want but it will not stand and come to fruition if the choices you make don’t support it!

Let’s look at this more specifically:

  • I’m gonna lose weight! (Sensitive topic for me now lol) If I don’t make the right choices of what to eat and how to move my body my decision is in vain. If fact, consistently overindulging on the wrong food and not exercising negates the very decision I made. I become my own adversary working against myself! Instead of losing weight I end up doing the very opposite, gaining.
  • I’m gonna wait on God for the right spouse. I’m not going to fornicate, I’m gonna keep my body Holy. (I’ve struggled with this too!) I would make that decision, but yet would date people that didn’t have the same standard. Men that made it known their intention to have sex with me up front. Men that don’t even know John 3:16 and wonder why the relationship and my heart ended up in shambles! I made the decision but every time I had the choice to go to their bedroom, to participate in just “a little” foreplay, and make excuses for the man’s lack of relationship with God I again set myself up for failure!
  • I’m going to forgive that person and move on. I would make that decision but then replay the scenario over and over in my mind. Not only that but I would talk about it with others to get their opinion, wait for the apology I felt was deserved, and look to see the vengeance “from the Lord” they suffered as a result. Truth is, forgiveness is a choice. Doing the work and going through the process to release what happened and what it meant to me is my choice! It doesn’t have to have power over my life unless I let it!

I give my personal examples to help you see some of your decisions and how your choices are actually self sabotaging and are keeping you from living the abundant life you were created to live!

We can’t undo the choices of yesterday so I’m constantly examining my choices and working to make better ones. I pray you are as well!

Bless you 😘

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