The Insecure Me

I’m taking time to reflect on a time when I was so insecure that there would be no way I could successfully complete the mission that God has given me: “To help women deal with the ‘Matters of the Heart’ so they can move forward and change the world!”

See another women’s success used to mean failure for me. I was constantly in fear of someone being better, achieving greater, or taking my place. 

Insecurity not only affected my relationships with others but it prevented me from trying new things for fear I wouldn’t be the greatest. Dare I fall short or make a mistake at something, I vowed to never try it again.

Thank God I did my work and realized that I had seeds planted from very young age. I developed the need to not just be the best, but better than everyone else to prove to myself I was worth something. To prove those who doubted me were wrong. 

We can all operate at our best and know that it doesn’t dull anyone’s sparkle. Actually, as we reflect our greatness off of each other,  we shine even brighter! ☀️ 

Maybe you are struggling with insecurities. Get to the root of what it is that you fear, then deal with it so you can be free.

You have world-changing work to do! 🌎 

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