Celebrating my love! Reflecting on the blessing of True Love

Today is my husbands Birthday!!! As I sit and reflect back I realize that I am living the life I dreamed about when I was living a life of misery with the wrong man.

My love pursued me, made his intentions known to me (marriage and not just a fling), and was willing to meet with my spiritual parents and answer all the questions they had for him! And there were a few, as there should have been.
Now we parent our children together,  instead of referring to them as step children they are just OUR children! Instead of a mother in law, everyone is just momma and grandma, sister and brother, aunt and uncle. 

I guess my point is, if I hadn’t let go of my past and that which wasn’t worthy of me, I would never have been ready to receive the blessing of the relationship I have now. 

I hope that you will understand that it’s better to be alone than with someone that makes you feel less than. And that there are good men out there and I celebrate mine today and always 🎉

God is restoring the years I’ve sown in tears!!! Blessings 

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