My Mouth – Reveals my issues 

Months ago I said I would share how some of my unresolved issues with previous relationships caused me issues in my marriage. Well, one area has been: My mouth, or shall I say what comes out of it.

See in my previous marriage I knew he had one foot out the door from the start so I held a lot in. I would be very careful with my words because I didn’t want to say anything that would send him packing and out the door! Yes, I know, pitiful. But don’t judge me lol I was a broken women that was satisfied with a piece of a man. 

God blessed me with a new beginning and sent me an amazing man as my husband! He has restored the years I sowed in tears. But sadly, this man has paid the price for some of the foolishness of my past!

See I made a promise to myself. I would never allow myself to be treated the way I was before ever again. So at the first sign of disagreement, I would go from 1 to 100 and let my husband know exactly how feel. Mind you, these disagreements are pretty minor compared to the issues of my past but I lashed out as if it were something huge!  At that moment I treated him as if he’s my enemy when my real enemy is Satan and the thoughts of the past that he brings up at that moment.

I share this to say. Don’t make someone else pay for another’s mistakes. Deal with your mess and own up to the things you need to work on. I’m working on my mouth, by transforming my mind. I’m forgiving  those offenses I never received an apology for, and remembering that I’m blessed to be married to a Man that made a choice to have 2-feet in this marriage for now and forever!

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