Want change? Change with no apologies

You are not required to be the same person you were even just 5 minutes ago! 

Maybe this is you:

  • Always the shy, quiet one that never has a voice of her own
  • Cooks all the greasy, fat, and sweet treats everyone requests and enjoys 
  • Never says no, even to your detriment
  • Puts everyone’s needs above your own
  • Over emotional, willing to fight at the drop of hat, just plain messy
  • Spends all time and energy supporting everyone’s projects, neglecting the project in you
  • Holds grudges (not just for you but on behalf of others) bitter and unable to forgive 
  • Refuses to admit when you need help and the benefits of relationships 

In order to truly transform your life, you have to do the work. No one can do if for you so why do they don’t get a say. When considering change think about these things:

  • Will this change glorify my Father in Heaven?
  • Will this make me a better woman, wife, and mother?
  • Am I willing to do the work?

If you answer yes, then do the work to make the changes. It may ruffle some feathers. But they will adjust or choose to leave the room! 😉

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