Preparing for 2017

I’ve been reflecting on 2016 while preparing for 2017. I’m sure you have as well. In this process I’ve had to look at the wo(man) in the mirror.

I can make excuses for what I didn’t achieve and point fingers at people and circumstances but why? The only thing I can control is ME.

Honestly, the season can change and the year can change but if I don’t continue my process of transformation I will remain the same.

In 2016:

  • I suffered from some procrastination 
  • I had some fear of failure and success 
  • My heart was hurt from suffering losses
  • At times I tried to please people, “Ha, you know that failed!”
  • I had to say I’m sorry for things I’ve done 

In 2016 I also thank God:

  • I was finally able to get to the root of an issue and let go of an offense that hurt for a long time 
  • I Stepped out of my comfort zone and created this blog
  • I Spoke at 2 women’s conferences and a Women’s Day
  • In spite of my losses, I decided not to give up!
  • Started sharing with other women biweekly via teleconference.

This list also goes on.

While you are reflecting take note of what you need to work on but also note your accomplishments! Give God Glory and celebrate yourself.

Make a list of what’s left undone and get to work! If you need help, seek it out!

Coaching Packages will be announced 2017!!! Woohoo, stay tuned.

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