Denying Yourself – The Extreme

Last night we had an awesome session about “What’s Holding You Back?” You can receive a copy of the message for $5. Just send an email to

We discussed that one of the things that hold us back from moving forward is that we have become so accustomed to denying ourselves! We are taught this through the words and actions of our mothers and other women we hold in high esteem. 

Yes, the Word of God says we must deny ourselves and pick up our cross in order to follow HIM! Matthew 16:24 

We are to deny our flesh and its sinful and lustful desires. But, in order to pick up the cross and follow the Lord’s plans for our lives we have to take “Good” care of ourselves. This is of course spiritually but also mentally, emotionally, and physically.

Do you have a problem saying no to people because you always put others first?

Do you have an issue choosing where you’d like to eat and what you’d like to do during your free time?

During this holiday season do you have a hard time letting others know what you like when asked about gifts?

You might be denying Yourself to a fault! Re-evaluate where you stand in your list of priorities and adjust as necessary. Get to know you. What you need and what you like! You are God’s greatest creation and He wants you to maintain your value!

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