Stay the course 

I was blessed last week to getaway with my husband. Much needed and appreciated. We all need downtime to be refreshed and renewed.

When on the flight to our destination we experienced some turbulence. The pilot announced “We are experiencing turbulence at this altitude. Do to other planes I can’t go above or below. It’s safer to stay here, it will only last about 20 minutes!”

Immediately my husband and I looked at each other and realized the Holy Spirit revealed to us the same message.

Sometimes when life gets shaky like that plane we immediately want to shift our plans. We say things like: this must not be God’s Will, it’s time for me to move up, or I’m just going to quit this must not be for me.

Opposition, lack of comfort zone, trials and tests aren’t always a sign to move. It could be that you are to stay the course and persevere in spite of. If you move up too fast or throw in the towel,  it could literally destroy you. Just as my husband and I could have been destroyed on that plane if our pilot changed course. 

Trust your pilot, listen to your pilot! He might not tell you specifically how long you have to endure but He promised that He is with you and will get you to the expected end!


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