Somebody Ought to Testify


Do you know the Purpose of your Testimony:

Purpose of a testimony

Leads us to Praise God:  It gives God the Glory for the things He has done. We can’t tell of what God’s done and not Praise Him. You need to feel the presence of God, testify of His goodness.

Reminds us that God is able: It reminds us that God is able! If he did it before He will do it again.

Encourage the Saints/Believers: It encourages other people and let’s them know that just as God worked out your situation. He can and will do the same for them!

Evangelizes to the Unbeliever: Your testimony will bring others to Christ. People hear about what God has done for you, and it makes them want to know Jesus for themselves.

Our testimony tells people specifically what God has done for us. It brings God Glory, Reminds us that God is able, encourages our brothers and sisters in the Faith, and it draws the Lost to Christ.

Somebody ought to Testify!

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