Heartbreak Hotel


I am Happily Married but it wasn’t always that way. I experienced great embarrassment, shame, and regret in my past relationship. I woke up with a message from the Lord that He wants to bring together His children to form Kingdom Marriages. He wants to do it SOON and He will do it quickly! Those that know my testimony know my relationship with my husband happened suddenly. It’s because God brought us together to fulfill His purpose, nope it wasn’t even about me! What is required? Healing and Obedience

Maybe you don’t desire marriage, are currently married, or you just want to be free from your relationship baggage! This message is for you too.

Need to leave some relationship baggage in 2016 and look forward to a New Beginning?

Have you “forgiven” your ex but when you see them, talk to them, or hear about them you still feel some kind of way?

Have you allowed yourself to be misused and abused and you still carry GUILT, SHAME and DEFEAT about the decisions you made?

If you are serious and ready: Join me for Heartbreak Hotel. Check-In ‘Broken’ but Check-Out with the tools necessary to move forward WHOLE and FREE!
Wednesday, November 2nd at 9:00 PM. EST. You must register to attend. Email Me: Youlisha Bundy at brokenandnotashamed@gmail.com

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