Love Yourself 

Do you know it’s a sin to not love yourself? It’s not just a sin but it’s an insult to your creator! When you hate any part of your being: body, your looks, your mistakes, even your issues you are really saying the following:

  • Lord you didn’t make me good enough
  • Lord how you made me is all wrong
  • Lord your blood doesn’t have the power to forgive my mistakes and give me a greater future
  • Lord I don’t believe you are able to fix what I’m going through right now

Now most of us would not say these things to God in our prayer time.  Yet we repeat these things over and over in our mind and spirit when we put ourselves down!

If you don’t like something about your life, love yourself enough to change what you can and believe God to do the rest!

He made no mistakes when he created you. He knew you would mess up, he knew you wouldn’t look like anyone else, and he even knew at times you would doubt Him. 

With all that, He still thinks you are to Die for!!! The least you can do for Him is Love Yourself…Smooches 

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