The Strong Ones

Do you get frustrated because the people closest to you don’t recognize when you need help? Maybe you are going through and as the encourager and cheerleader for others you wish you had one for yourself. 

You are not alone, you are part of the tribe I’ll call “The Strong Ones.” I have a message for you today:

People aren’t neglecting you. Don’t get offended, frustrated, and angry when they don’t respond the way you expect. See, you go through tests and trials so well that people think you really have it all together. They don’t know how you really feel and wouldn’t know how to respond if they did. But there is one that cares, He knows about it, and He will give you the strength to endure and come out of the fire without being burned! His name is Jesus! Cry out to Him, lay down and tell Him all about it! He knows what suffering is. He knows what it feels like to feel forsaken, hurt, and disappointed. Share your heart with Him today and keep it moving. 

Don’t get mad at people in your circle and what seems like a lack of care. Truth is they do love you and they care. Believe it or not, even trials look good on you! 😉

2 thoughts on “The Strong Ones

  1. Your blog(s) were very helpful this morning,but most of all encouraging. I started out reading one and it became contagious that I read more of your blogs. I always make a note to myself that I can do all things through HIM.
    It’s the pushing through that always gets 😔. The power of praise against your infirmities will strengthen you…(you have to do it)

    1. Hi Tina! Thanks for the feedback. I go back and read and practice myself! The good news is there is an end if instead of getting stuck we press our way through! God Bless You 😘

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