Just Keep Swimming

Once you have identified what you are supposed to do in life, just keep doing it. Do it until it becomes 2nd nature. If you are called to impact the lives of children, do it everyday. Some days what you do will be seen, sometimes it will be preparation or even downtime to be refreshed. But do it purposefully!

Brushing our teeth, bathing, and for sure eating are things we do without 2nd thought. We do them because we know to do them. If we run out of toothpaste, soap, or food we get more! We don’t give up on bathing and eating. 

When you face obstacles, challenges, test, and trials you must keep doing the work. You have to regroup and get what you need (spiritually, physically, emotionally, financially) to get it done. You must keep swimming!!! 

Deep inside your soul knows what it was created to do. Once you tap into that and do it on a daily basis. Your whole life and outlook will change. You will wake up with no alarm. You will have joy unspeakable! You will be fulfilling your purpose. When it gets hard just tell yourself like Dory “Just Keep Swimming!” Bless you! 😘

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