The Junk Room Part 2

If you haven’t already please read: The Junk Room Part 1. 

So you have identified the need to do some “cleaning up.” But you aren’t sure where to begin. Here are some suggestions.

  • DECLUTTER – If we aren’t careful we can accumulate things that take up space but serve no purpose. What do you need to clean up so you can be more effective at the things you should be doing in this season? When you try to work on a task, what constantly comes up in your mind or surroundings as a distraction? Make note of these things.
  • TAKE OUT THE TRASH – Are you rebuilding your life because of an unexpected event (death, divorce, financial hardship, or sickness)? Whatever is no longer needed, get rid of it! Everything that is good is not good for you at all times. Maybe it brings up bad memories or is no longer effective because you have changed. You are adjusting to a new season of life and need to get rid of the junk so you have room for your new beginning.
  • VACUUM – Some junk is deep! You don’t see it but you know it’s there. You are depressed, you get angry easily, you don’t enjoy your life anymore, and/or you have no motivation to move forward. Just like a vacuum, you need to get deep into your heart and bring up what’s unseen so you deal with it and move on. 

If this sounds overwhelming and you need help, contact me. I have services that can meet your needs!

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