The Junk Room – Part 1

So for years I had a junk room in my home. I purchased this home as a single woman and was very proud of that. I had a beautiful daughter, was moving up the corporate ladder, and from the outside looking in, I’d say a picture of success.

However there was a part of my life I didn’t want to deal with. For me it was my relationship issues and how they were effecting my life. Not just with men but my little girl issues too.

The junk room was the place I stored everything I didn’t want to go through, I didn’t need or didn’t use. As I begin to work through my relationship issues. I started to be bothered by the mess of that room and it’s wasted space. 

I believe that the natural can be a representation of what’s going on internally. Do a check in of your physical surroundings and appearance. Is there an area that is completely in disarray? 

If this is the case and it’s not due to lack of time but to avoidance, chances are you also have some hidden areas in your heart that need to be cleaned up and dealt with. 

Cleaning up is not the most glorious task but somebody has to do it. When it comes to matters of the heart, YOU have to do the work!

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