It’s not the end of the world!

Have you ever suffered a bad break-up or divorce and was left feeling devastated? Have you ever been so tied to someone and your plans for the future that you just can’t imagine life without them?
That was me! I became so obsessed with having a relationship and refused to admit that I failed so I did everything I could to keep it together. Even after the divorce I was consumed with making it work to the point of completely losing my self worth and common sense!!!

I had to be publicly humiliated before I hit rock bottom. I realized from age 18 through my 20s I was trying to deal with my little girl issues meanwhile trying to make someone want to be with me that just didn’t!

I remember coming to my senses and thinking enough is enough and realizing I had no idea who I really was. I had to take some time to work on me. To heal the little girl within and to get to know the woman I had become. 

I know for someone reading this right now it feels like the end of the world. It’s not, don’t waste time thinking of what could have, should have or would have.  Work your way through it…it’s really a beautiful new beginning!

 I’m a witness. Smooches

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