I admit: I talk to myself!

You need to have a talk with yourself every now and then. No, really you should check in daily! I know, I grew up hearing people say you were crazy if you talked to yourself. But I’ve been talking to myself since I was a little girl. My conversations with myself have just gotten longer and deeper. I have been able to recognize my weaknesses, celebrate my strengths, encourage myself in life’s test and trials, and have learned to truly love ME!

Sometimes you need to just ask yourself: What do I really want? Why am I acting out? What’s really going on with me?

And after you ask. Be quiet and let your soul answer you!

Psalm 42:5 Why are you cast down, O my soul? And why are you disquieted within me? Hope in God, for I shall yet praise Him For the help of His countenance. 

Have you had a talk with yourself lately? Might be time for you to check-in and see how you are “really” doing!

Planning – It is for me!

Happy Monday!!! Have you planned out your week? There are many blog posts about planning out time, tasks, appointments, workouts, and meals for the week. My Neice, Monica Bundy, who happens to be owner of Get Fit Stay Fit Too always plans out her calendar for the week. I admit I didn’t think it was necessary.

But I must say since I’ve implemented  planning into my weekly routine I’ve seen the following benefits:

  • I’m saving money on eating out during the week because I plan my meals. I notice we are not getting bored by eating the same “go to” meals.
  • I am remembering appointments and noticing when appointments are conflicting and something needs to be rescheduled. I admit in the past if it wasn’t for the text/email reminders I would have missed some.
  • I’m able to respect my time by saying NO when necessary. I can look at my calendar and see in advance that I won’t be able to make a commitment. 
  • I’m getting my real “To Do” list done! Instead of a laundry list that seems to large to tackle, it is spread across my week. If it slips a day, I move it to a slot when I have extra time.

If you wear many hats: wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend, caregiver, minister, coach, leader, employee, businesswomen. You need to plan. But don’t take planning too serious, and remain flexible.  Plans will change!

In your planning don’t forget to set aside quiet time with the Lord to check in to ensure that your priorities are His will for you in this season. Always include a special appointment for yourself each week. Pencil in that mani/pedi, hair appointment, shopping trip, lifetime movie, walk in the park or even just a bubble bath!!!