Sorry Unavailable: Taking Care of Me!

“Put on your oxygen mask first…” I understand that I am graced by God to care for  the husband, children, family, business and ministry that He has given me. However, there are times when I get completely overwhelmed, shut down and am no good to anyone! How can I (and you if you have the same issue) keep this from happening:

  • Include myself and my needs to my daily “to do list” and prioritize accordingly
  • Say “no”when I know I can’t meet a commitment. If something changes and I can support, show up, and participate then what a great surprise! Not being able to fulfill a commitment feels terrible. 
  • Don’t try to be superwoman. A good leader knows how to delegate and empower her team.  I won’t assume that people know how to help me. I will tell  them what I need them to do and Be specific!!!

These are some things  I’m implementing  TODAY! God is blessing me and opening doors, I must be prepared for even more responsibility.


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