Comparison the Thief of Contentment 

Comparison is not just the thief of contentment but it’s one of the easiest ways to self-sabatoge and prevent you from experiencing joy in the life you are currently living.
Social Media has unfortunately made it even easier for us to compare our lives to others. When we compare our looks, relationships, financial status, material things etc with others we really aren’t comparing apples to apples. It’s more like comparing apples to eggplants (not sure why I chose eggplants lol). 

If you can admit that you have fallen into the trap of comparison try the following ways to find contentment:

  • Take a daily inventory of the things you are thankful for and cherish them. Thank your heavenly Father for blessing you in that area. Someone is praying for what you already have!
  • Take an inventory of things you don’t like  about yourself (you CAN’T change anyone else). Do something RIGHT NOW to change it. Maybe that sounds too simple but start small and take steps to change each day. Eat a healthy meal, go to the gym or for a walk, change your hair, forgive yourself for that mistake you made, go to a conference, schedule a class, read a book, apply for a better job, break-up with that deadbeat (sorry I had a flashback to my former life lol)! You get the picture, do what you can today!
  • Immediately, stop comparing yourself to others and wishing you had “their” life. You have no idea what it costs them to get and keep it! Maybe you need a social media break while you work on yourself.

I pray this blesses someone today! One of the greatest things I’ve ever done for myself is to stop comparing!!!! 

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