Good Morning!!!

I haven’t posted in a while, I returned from travel and made a drastic change to my schedule that took some adjusting to. I am now “a morning person!” Yes I’m the first person in the office greeting everyone else with a smile and a boost of optimism about the day! Why did I fight this for so long? 

I declared “I’m not a morning person” for most of my adult life. I usually worked a later shift and was the last to arrive and therefore the last to leave for the day for years. Everyone had finished catching up on email, drinking their coffee and eating their breakfast by the time I was just logging in. No wonder I always felt like I was playing catch up.

Now I can’t take the credit for this change. My husband actually decided that he would become a morning person and changed his schedule. I decided to try it and have officially made the change.

The point of me sharing my excitement about waking up to the rising of the sun is: You can change! Yep you can change. What confessions are you making that are not beneficial to your life? 

  • “I’m not a people person”
  • “I’m just not good at public speaking”
  • “I can’t lose weight”

Whatever it is you’ve been telling yourself that does not benefit your life, change it! 

I’m a morning person!

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