Responsibility of a Leader

So I’ve been a supervisor before but on my current job I was just a part of a team until now. As team lead I had an experience that gave me such appreciation for my husband.
One of my teams members had an oversight and didn’t get the required participants an updated meeting date and time. Floods of email started pouring in asking if the meeting was still being held; it was conducted two days prior. Eek!!!

Once I realized what happened, I replied that it was our mistake and I took responsibility for the oversight. I didn’t give it a second thought. A good leader takes responsibility for the actions of the team.

After that mini-fire died down, I immediately thought of my husband. See I thought I was ready for the submission part of marriage the 2nd time around. My husband is an amazing man, and I know he loves me. But, as a single woman I made some promises to myself that were hindering my submission. I hadn’t completely let go of the hurt from my past relationship. I’ll go more into this one day. 

I was reminded during this experience how my husband covers me. He protects me, my body, and my heart. He takes responsibility for our family and he will answer to God for all our mistakes. Being a leader is a huge responsibility to carry. In our marriage, I will gladly submit, respect, and support my husband as the Leader because he needs and deserves it!


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